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Thursday, April 30, 2009

He gets this from his mother

Yeah, this definitely isn't me... if I have to make a "to do" list it's a sign I'm too busy. Besides, I'm still working on the to do list I wrote for myself two Saturdays ago. This list, however, was too cute just to throw away. For those who don't read Six-Year-Old Scrawl, Joshua's list of things to do that day was:

Have Brecfist
Woch Goofy
Have Lunch
Have a snac
Play In the Play-room

Joshua is much better about accomplishing his tasks than I am. Maybe I need to add play to MY list. Mmm, and a snac.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

proud momma

I just wanted to post a couple of recent pictures of me with my baby cuz I'm one proud momma. It's not every day one has a 3 month old baby, after all :)

A 3 month old baby who sleeps through the night and who has given us our evenings back by going down by 8pm, I should add. Woohoo!

A Sweet Request

Baby Lucas accompanied me on my grocery shopping trip today. While I was picking out some snacks for his older brothers, he told me that he knew those things would be off limits for his still-maturing digestive system, but chocolate milk sure would be a nice treat for him. I thought about it and said okay, which is how this ended up in my cart:
I told him he'd have to wait until his next feeding or maybe the one after to give it a chance to make it through my system. He said he didn't mind waiting but suggested I should probably eat at least half of it on the way home to avoid unnecessarily delaying his treat. Normally I don't like to eat and drive but he'd been such a good baby on our outing and I like to encourage my children (babies) when they're being reasonable. I must say that I like the way this baby thinks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Cherry Tree Popped

It only took a few days to go from bare branches to this:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mystery solved?

Daniel has had an aversion to shirts with buttons for quite some time now (sorry, I know that's the second time I've linked to that post recently). He doesn't even like it when he notices someone else wearing a shirt that has buttons. It's a bummer since I think little boys look adorable in button up and polo type shirts. It makes getting dressed for church a real challenge -- he wears his black turtleneck a lot, cute little beatnik that he is. Also, somehow Jake convinced him that wearing a sweater over a shirt with buttons isn't so bad, since the buttons are covered and all.

Anyway, this morning Daniel noticed that Lucas had been dressed in a shirt with buttons.

"Why is Lucas wearing a shirt with buttons?" he asked suspiciously.

"Because most people think shirts with buttons are fine," I replied.

I decided to try and dig a little; "Daniel, why don't you like buttons?"

"Because they have awful circles."

I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly, so I tried to clarify with,

"So you don't like buttons because they're circles?"

"No, I like circles. Buttons have awful circles."

Okay. Apparently the fact that they "have threads in them" contributes to their awfulness too. I guess I kind of know how he feels. A male relative of mine had a couple pairs of plaid pants that used to scare me when I was a kid. Well, maybe they just scare me in retrospect (ha ha -- pun intended).

A Soothing Croak

For the last month we have frequently listened to a low rumble of croaking from the nearby creek as we fall asleep. The sound of many frogs croaking is much less jarring than this winter, when one in our bushes decided to serenade us in the off-season for several weeks. I've decided I like it better than crickets.

Leslie saw a tiny frog outside our garage one day, and I caught one in the backyard the night before Easter as we were setting out eggs for the next day's hunt. Leslie made me let it go before I saw what kind it was, but it was probably a Pacific Tree Frog like the first one I saw here:

My amphibian friends are welcome, as are the large variety of spiders and anything else that wants to control the local insect population.