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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Here are just a few pictures from Christmas morning that I liked. I was mostly busy with just enjoying the experience to take too many, but here are a few we'll have to look back on. Especially since this is the year I'm going to blurb our blog! Or at least get going on it. We'll see how much I get done since I've been going strong with this here blog since 2006. That's a lot of publishing -- wish me luck!

I love how Caden is sitting in this picture.  I think it makes him look both older and littler at the same time!

Ah yes, the three year old in the family always pulls antics with the stockings!  I let them wear them long enough to snap a photo and make them feel like they've gotten away with something, but that's it (well, Lucas did get to do a little extra prancing around).  My Mom made these stockings for each member of our family, both in my family growing up and for the family Jake and I have created, so they are very special to me to say the least.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Tree

Getting a tree is such an event around here that I thought it deserved its own post. Jake says that as long as we're in Oregon he can't bring himself to not take advantage of all the farms that offer amazing trees for great prices. I agree. It is such a neat experience for the kids and makes for great memories.

This year we checked out a new farm that advertised "live reindeer."


And "Santa in his sleigh"

We're not big on Santa around here but the boys were willing to sit on his lap in order to get the candy canes he was handing out

It was a really pretty place

Go Jake!  And thank you for making this possible every year

P.S. We've actually had our tree up for a couple of weeks now -- I've been so busy that I'm just now getting around to posting about it!  And really, I've stolen time I don't actually have to do it :/

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


On our way back from the ranch we stopped by to see Jake's grandparents at their home in Malad. It was great to see them and the house where Jake and I spent some of our holidays back when we were engaged and first married (including a 4th of July when I was first expecting Joshua but didn't know it yet :).  Of course the house holds so many more memories for Jake and he really enjoyed showing our boys around.

First, some group shots:

Lucas was being a real character in true 3-year-old fashion but Jake's Grandpa really seemed to take a liking to him anyway.  He even coaxed Lucas into sitting next to him in a "special spot" for pictures.  I was grateful :)

Then down to the basement.  Here Joshua is daring Lucas to jump over a "really big spider."  Of course Lucas was up for the challenge.

Jake next to a bunk bed he slept on during many a visit:

Love this one -- go Josh!

Daniel reading a book from the extensive library down there.  He was enjoying some of the classics; Spy vs. Spy, Dennis the Menace, Garfield, etc.

Out at the Ranch

The day after Thanksgiving we were able to go out and visit the ranch Jake's grandfather used to own and operate in rural Idaho (it is now owned/operated by a member from another branch of the family).  It was about an hour away from where we stayed with his aunt and uncle but worth the drive.  Jake has lots of memories of this place and it was a great experience for our boys to connect with this part of their heritage.

The ranch house

A shot inside -- so retro it's downright trendy again!

* I got some pretty decent footage of the place -- any family members let me know if you're interested. You'll get to see the blown over outhouse and hear Jake tell about a politically incorrect sign that used to hang at the ranch house, among other things!

How about a Thanksgiving post?

We had a great Thanksgiving this year, traveling to Idaho to spend it with Jake's side of the family. As it turned out, we were the only guests traveling in and it ended up being a really nice opportunity for quality time with Jake's aunt and uncle and grandparents.

Jake and I spent at least a couple of Thanksgivings in Idaho with his grandparents/extended family when we were engaged and first married, but there were always tons of people there and not as much time for quality interaction.  I count this trip a real blessing since I was able to talk with his grandparents more on this trip than I ever have in the past.  It was really nice.

A big point of this whole trip was to have our boys meet their Great-Grandpa Sorensen, whose name they'll be carrying on.  It had been feeling increasingly important to us and in many ways this trip seems like it was "meant to be."

We are incredibly grateful to Jake's aunt and uncle for their hospitality.  There is a warm, special feeling that permeates their home.  I know our kids felt it.  I took lots of mental notes on things they have done that I like and that seem to work well.  I hope to have such a home/family life when I reach their stage of things.  It is something to work towards.