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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween 2013!

My favorite comment from the party Jake and I attended the week-end before; "You two look like you stepped right out of the pages of a high school yearbook!"

All the kid's costumes are repeats from years past.  Inspired by mine and Jake's ability to just grab our costumes from our closet (yes, that is original high school memorabilia we're wearing!), I told the kids they could go grab their costumes from the costume bin.  We have so many cool costumes and it made Halloween really easy for me this year :)

My favorite trick-or-treaters of the night!

Pizza for dinner!  Unfortunately the pizza didn't arrive before trick-or-treating but since our order got lost in the shuffle they gave it to us free of charge!

Our dear friend made these and brought them over upside-down filled with candy.  It was the sweetest Halloween gift.