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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chase's Birthday!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Summer 2017 (plus a little beyond)

Caden's Kindergarten Graduation

Daniel's Elementary (6th Grade) Graduation

Didn't get any of Josh's Middle School (8th Grade) Graduation - one too many "graduations" I guess!

Fourth of July & Daniel's Birthday


These two spent a lot of quality time together, it was so sweet!

Caden lost his two front teeth - I love this stage!!

Swim Lessons - really wish I'd gotten more but at least I got 2 boys in this one

Chase in nursery

Hillsboro Pharmacy Post-Swim Lessons Celebration

See if you can spot all five Sorensen Bros!

Oaks Park!

Click to enlarge - this one's fun


Beach day

This movie was very highly anticipated by the Sorensen Bros, especially the one on the left

Silver Falls - hmmm.  I can't decide if I'd like a re-do at some point or if I never want to go there again...

That's a wrap!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tae Kwon Do - Belt Test and Break-a-thon

We just had what I'll call a "Very Tae Kwon Do Week-end."  Friday night Daniel, Lucas and Caden had their first belt test and Joshua and Chase came along to support.  They each did great, demonstrating proper form, technique and skill all culminating in breaking a board.  Lucas and Caden broke theirs using a hammer fist and Daniel broke his with an axe kick (!)  Each boy wrote a bad habit on the back of their board symbolizing their intent to break that bad habit the way they broke the board (I hope it works ;)  Each boy successfully advanced to the next belt level and enjoyed the ceremony celebrating their achievements.

Saturday morning was the Break-a-thon and it was a great event.  We got to see several demo teams perform, the highlight being the Master's Demo at the end.  It was truly amazing, so fun to watch.  Boards, bricks, apples on knives all broken in spectacular ways.  Then the boys had the opportunity to break boards of their own, raising funds for Randall Children's Hospital.  Eight schools were involved and collectively we were able to raise very close to $20,000!

Here's footage of Daniel's board breaking at the belt test.  It's really good!  If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment as to whether the footage played for you or not. I'd be much obliged :)

Caden in the foreground, spot Lucas down the line!

Break-a-thon!  Lucas used punching techniques:

Daniel's turn!  He used a combination of kicks and punches: