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Friday, July 27, 2012

Swim Lessons Bonus Pic!

A friend of mine took this picture at swim lessons yesterday and it was the first thing I saw in my inbox this morning.  What a great way to start the day.  That is one happy little guy in the water!

P.S. his teacher this session is actually an elite swimmer who made it to the Olympic trials.  Obviously he's not in London right now but I'm still impressed.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swim Lessons Summer 2012

Swim lessons are in full swing for the summer! It felt like a large undertaking at first, trying to coordinate lessons for three boys at once while keeping the fourth boy happy in the meantime, but I think I've figured it out and adjusted to the amount of effort involved. They are all doing great and making noticeable progress which makes it well worth the effort.

This is Lucas' first year and he has taken to the water like such a little fish! He really loves his lessons and has only displayed stubbornness for a couple of his teacher's requests (he is three, after all).  Way to go Lucas!  Way to go boys!

Doesn't this picture embody a feeling we can all relate to?  "Should I jump into the deep end?  Should I not?"  Just so you know, he jumped in.  Quite willingly.  Not for everything each and every time, but when it works for him.  That's my Daniel.

Jake's Birthday!

Jake's birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  Sunday birthdays are tricky but we did our best to celebrate and help him feel special.  Jake's birthday is the last birthday of the year for our family, so now we're done 'til it's time to start shopping for Christmas and Lucas' birthday that comes just two weeks later.  

I still find it funny that all the birthdays in our family are stacked in the first half of the year, in a couple of clusters in March and July.  Lucas is the lone outlier in January. Those of you who have read Outliers may note that we could make him an outlier in more ways than one if we get him enrolled in hockey (hey hey!).

Jake was able to open his gifts after his morning meetings but before church.  As you can see, all four boys were very involved in the process:

Here is a "diaper bag" sent from our niece Amelia.  Uncle Jake was the lucky winner of a contest that coincided nicely with his birthday:

Jake received 16 books as gifts this year.  Quite the haul.  The title of this one in particular drew Daniel in.  He was very taken with the idea.

I was very excited to see the new Institute manual my Mom had sent and will probably try to steal it before Jake has a chance to read it!  We have desperately needed an updated version for a long time:
  Happy Birthday Jake!  We love and appreciate you and all that you do and are for our family.  I worry that someone as great as you can never be appreciated as much as he deserves.  For my part, I promise to keep trying until I get it right.  And I promise to keep reminding our sons how lucky they are to have you as their dad.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Daniel's Birthday, Part Two

The next day it was time for a birthday activity all his own, that he didn't have to share with the Nation's birthday. No formal friends party this year, but we did have him invite one really good friend to come along with us to Out of This World Pizza. Next year I'll pin down a party date when we can get a good number of people still in town. A Fourth of July birthday is so cool, but tricky.

I love those happy faces!

A Very Sorensen 4th of July

As always, we had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July along with Daniel's birthday.  We started out the morning at the parade downtown.  Unfortunately we forgot to bring the camera so sorry no pics.  Fortunately we remembered to bring everything else, including all four boys.

As soon as we got home and got Caden down for his nap it was time for presents!  Daniel was ready to dive right in but I made him pose first (thanks Daniel!):

The anticipation was high for this one.  What could be in that really neat bag?

Dazzling swords and shields from Grandma Sorensen!

Wii and computer games were high on his birthday wishlist this year.  We got him a few he seems pretty happy with.  Joshua too.

I have to say I was quite pleased with how his cake turned out.  I didn't know it would come together so well until the very end.  And the best part was that Daniel absolutely loved it.  He asked for seconds and of course we said yes.  I think this may finally provide the healing I have needed over the trauma of Lucas' 2nd birthday cake.

After cake and ice cream it was time to head to a bbq put on by our friends.  We had a great time and the boys played their hearts out.

Lucas and Caden weren't able to  make it 'til it was dark enough for fireworks so sadly we had to divide and conquer.  I took them home and gave them a hasty bath.  Hasty because Caden had jumped into the water with his clothes still on (I'm not kidding).  He was so beyond tired and out of it by that point.  I got them both in bed just as people started setting off fireworks in our neighborhood but they slept through it just fine.  Kids amaze me!

Meanwhile back at the park, Jake, Joshua and Daniel all had a blast setting off fireworks with the group.  It sounded like it was a sight to behold.

They didn't get home until after 10pm and Daniel couldn't keep his eyes open by the time he climbed into bed. Tuckered out birthday boy!

 Happy Birthday, Daniel! I can't believe you're seven already! You've gone and grown up on me. I'm so proud of you and all the growing up you've done, but stay my little boy just a bit longer, won't you?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Alone Together Review

I've recently read what has become my favorite book; Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other by Sherry Turkle.  It's a big deal for me.  I remember when I gave my favorite movie its own post and thought a book was even more deserving.  Without further ado, here is the review I posted on goodreads:

Favorite. Book. Ever. Sorry for the drama but it is true. The author, MIT professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology Sherry Turkle, raises so many ideas and questions that cut straight to the heart of human relationships and looks at how we as human beings care for and more importantly care about each other. She addresses some questions I have been puzzling over for the last several years such as, “Why does it feel like it’s harder to make real and meaningful connections with other people -- especially when we are “more connected than ever” through modern technology?”

I became completely absorbed while reading this and everything felt so relevant and “of the moment.”  I didn’t agree with absolutely everything, but really, I felt Turkle refrained from stating too many solid opinions and instead framed things in the form of questions or musings; “I wonder if technology is taking us in a direction we really want to go? Do we really want to settle for watered down relationships in deference to what technology has to offer?”

I could go on and on but I’d better not. Suffice it to say I loved this book and found it utterly fascinating. And as an added bonus, it’s given me a new running joke to use with my husband since I refer to it so much. E.g. when we were out to dinner for our anniversary I gave him my cell phone to look up some information we needed since he’s better with such things. While he was looking down, working with my phone I got to ask him from across the table, “so, does this mean we’re Alone Together?” Fun stuff!

Just a few quotes for my own reference;
Part One The Robotic Moment: In Solitude, New Intimacies, p.123
““...assuming that it has already been decided, irrevocably, that we have few resources to offer the elderly. With this framing, the robots are inevitable. We declare ourselves overwhelmed and lose a creative relationship to ourselves and to our future. We learn a deference to what technology offers because we see ourselves as depleted. We give up on ourselves.”

Part Two Networked: In Intimacy, New Solitudes, p. 203
“We fill our days with ongoing connection, denying ourselves time to think and dream. Busy to the point of depletion, we make a new Faustian bargain. It goes something like this: if we are left alone when we make contact, we can handle being together.”

p. 267
"Children have always competed for their parents' attention, but this generation has experienced something new. Previously, children had to deal with parents being off with work, friends, or each other. Today, children contend with parents who are physically close, tantalizingly so, but mentally elsewhere."