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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Peter Breinholt

It's about time I posted this! (I was having some technical difficulties for a while there). I was thrilled to meet Peter Breinholt after his concert when he came to Portland a few weeks ago. He is one of my very favorite musicians and I have loved his music ever since my roommate introduced it to me during college.

I always hoped I'd be able to tell him in person how meaningful his music has been for me but figured it would probably be sometime in the next life. When it happened unexpectedly after the concert I kind of went deer in the headlights. But I did my best to get something out, and he was very gracious about it. He was actually very nice to talk to with and we reminisced about some of his concerts I'd been to, Jake as well.

Still pretty excited about the whole thing.  It was a fun concert, he was very personable onstage (we got to hear some great stories!) and he is quite the musician.  I so appreciate his mingling with his fans afterward!