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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jake's Birthday (aka "the 2nd July birthday")

We had a great time celebrating Jake's birthday this year.  I was able to come up with a lot of fun ideas and spread things out over three days (thank you Pinterest!  Thank you Dating Divas!)  Friday birthdays during the summer are the best!!!

He and I kicked it all off Thursday night at Pastini!

Friday was a blur of fun with various things...

Saturday we had a family outing to a place of Jake's choice, The Grotto.  I'll start it out with this really cute one of Chase :)

All of Chase's big brothers "fought" for a turn to push him in the stroller, it was super sweet.  I don't think Jake and I really got turns of our own!

Enlarge to see Chase peeking!

The boys may look less than enthused but they really did have a good time (we got multiple requests to come back).

Daniel Turns Eleven!

Our 11th 4th of July spent celebrating our 2nd son!

Sacrament Selfies

When Chase needed extra help staying quiet during church, Jake turned to his iPhone.  I'm so glad he did -- baby selfies are the best!!!