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Monday, October 29, 2012

You know you're a mom of boys when...

(We've been back from Disneyland for a week now and I'm working on posting the pictures from our trip, but I'm also teaching Lucas' preschool co-op this week and it may take a little while.  I thought this might tide you over in the meantime.  Plus it's stuff I just want to remember.)

  • While up in his room this morning I came across the title of a story Joshua's working on; "The Shape Shifter: An amazing tale of an orphan shape shifter."  I was rather charmed.  Looks like he plans to sell the finished product for $2.
  • Daniel headed straight for his room/mad scientist laboratory the other day after school and closed the door.  He came down a little while later to tell Joshua that he had created rotten flesh.  I was in another room but from where I was could see him holding something that indeed looked like it could be a piece of rotten flesh.  Later up in his room I came across some of his potion "recipes" including the one for rotten flesh and one for becoming a shape shifter (I guess shape shifting is all the rage these days).  Unfortunately I never found the rotten flesh Daniel had created.  I'm a little nervous that I'll start smelling it before long...
  • Joshua came home from school the other day telling me about a YouTube video he and his friends are planning to make.  Apparently they've been learning a song in music class called "Fifty is Nifty: the United States of America" or something along those lines.  They all think it's pretty hokey and Joshua's friend Zach hatched the idea for a video entitled "Fighting Over Fifty Nifty."  It involves two old men; one who thinks Fifty Nifty is cool and one who thinks it's dopey.  Fighting ensues.
 These boys come up with things that I would never think of in a bazillion years.  It is fun and educational for me.