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Friday, June 13, 2008

Karate Kids

Jake recently bought me a copy of The Karate Kid at Target for $5. He knows I loved this movie back when I was a kid and that I would love to see it again after all these years. Well, the magic was rekindled and I am once again in love with this movie! I know I am biased, but I feel that this movie is such a classic for my generation; I mean I just can't imagine anyone around my age that didn't love this movie. Ah, the memories. Watching it as an adult has helped me to appreciate what a great job they did making this movie; the theme is universal -- underdog fights for all the right reasons and wins. And I do mean underdog. I never realized as a kid just how much of an underdog Daniel really is; a point that is heavily underscored in the movie.

I know this movie, especially the Mr. Miyagi persona, became heavily cliche and people love to laugh at the 80's (trust me, good 80's laughs abound throughout), but if you can just let go you will thoroughly enjoy yourself watching this movie. I still get chills when I watch the part where Daniel is fed up with doing all of Mr. Miyagi's chores and wants to quit. Then comes the expose of what "wax on wax off" is really for! Ooh!

And as if the fun of watching this movie wasn't enough, it comes with a genuine Karate Kid headband! Really, what more could you ask for(especially if you're the mother of two little boys who love karate!)?