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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Summer 2017 (plus a little beyond)

Caden's Kindergarten Graduation

Daniel's Elementary (6th Grade) Graduation

Didn't get any of Josh's Middle School (8th Grade) Graduation - one too many "graduations" I guess!

Fourth of July & Daniel's Birthday


These two spent a lot of quality time together, it was so sweet!

Caden lost his two front teeth - I love this stage!!

Swim Lessons - really wish I'd gotten more but at least I got 2 boys in this one

Chase in nursery

Hillsboro Pharmacy Post-Swim Lessons Celebration

See if you can spot all five Sorensen Bros!

Oaks Park!

Click to enlarge - this one's fun


Beach day

This movie was very highly anticipated by the Sorensen Bros, especially the one on the left

Silver Falls - hmmm.  I can't decide if I'd like a re-do at some point or if I never want to go there again...

That's a wrap!