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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arch Cape & Hug Point

Our Annual Week-Before-Labor-Day Beach Trip ended up being Two-Weeks-Before-Labor-Day this year. That's because we met up with Jake's youngest brother and his wife who were staying at a beach house with her family.

We ended up getting to explore two places that had been on our bucket list -- Arch Cape and Hug Point. What a beautiful location! It was great spending the day at the beach and meeting our newest little nephew/cousin.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Swim Lessons 2014

Loads of progress and great success at swim lessons this summer!  For the first time ever all four Sorensen boys were participating - no one had to watch from the sidelines!

  • loved having lessons of his own
  • loved his teacher Andrew
  • made real, solid progress over the course of the month
  • looked adorable in his shark trunks

  • Our buzzing ball of energy turns into somewhat of a torpedo in the water
  • made very good progress on the fundamentals of swimming including arm strokes and side breathing
  • passed to the next level up!

  • was chill in the water, as only Daniel can be (see examples below)
  • saw very noticeable improvement on his crawl stroke from one session to the next
  • is awesome at underwater swimming
  • passed on up to the next level (twice over!)


  • does an impressive butterfly
  • made excellent progress on underwater swimming, treading water and diving
  • passed off the final level!  GO JOSHUA!  What an accomplishment - for both of us :)

The Hillsboro Pharmacy turned out to be the perfect place to go afterward and celebrate all the hard work, progress and success.  For lunch...

...and a treat!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

July in Pictures: Daniel's Bday Party

Warning: liberal use of exclamation points ahead!


Water grenade toss!

Don't Eat Pete!!!

Cupcake decorating!